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Wed 29th Jun 2022
Nina McArthur: a battle to be won
Posted by: Ninam91
Posted on: Tuesday 30th April 2013

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Last year we welcomed Nina McArthur to the Tri247 team, starting an extremely popular column on the site, as well as some in-depth and thought provoking articles - much driven from her own painful experiences - including weight and the female athlete and fertility and the female athlete.

Nina penned her first column piece, sink or swim, and continued to write with an honesty and maturity that has found many followers and admirers among our readership.

Sometimes not everything goes to plan, and recovering from the depths can involves steps backwards as well as progress forward... reflected in this update from Nina.

A Battle to be Won

There was once a girl who had suffered
Succumbed to a great desire to be the best that she could be
This drive to succeed became a sacrifice of health
Sporting success meant more than health and happiness, she was no longer free
Swimming, cycling, running until her body gave in
The training had to stop , there were other things in life to see

Further down the road and her persistent personality pushed on
Getting a good job, a pretty pink car, everything she could ever want
Working harder, longer, more and more could only come at a price
Again disappeared health and happiness as control became the roll of the dice
By controlling her food she could handle the stress, she became oblivious to everything else
Her seeming power, her coping mechanism, her therapy, her habit, her chore.
In the end the slippery slope ended, it was time to close the door.

Four years later, back healthy & happy, she returned to sport for fun
Or so she thought.
But in reality a return to an ever increasing routine just meant the downward spiral had begun
The routine crept back,
Worrying of eating too little became a worry of the reverse.
Encouragement to train more, increasing self control, a return to habitual thoughts
That jealous demon had rekindled the curse

So here she stands today in acknowledgement of the fact
That she has gone back on her word, disappointed people and broken that pact
To never let sport or silly thoughts get in the way of life, laughs and love.
She’s admitted it now, she’s stopped pretending that everything is ok.
Suddenly it seems much easier to simply walk away.
She has her family, friends, flat and feline friend who are the most important aspects of life
An exhausted, unfocused, unhealthy girl isn’t going to make it through any precious day.

Words replace actions so I won’t go on
Because there are actions that need to be taken

And a battle to be won.

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