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Wed 22nd Sep 2021
UK National League: 2012 Roundup
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Thursday 24th January 2013

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Earlier this week we published the details of the 2013 UK National Triathlon & Duathlon League (for which we maintain a dedicated section HERE), comprising of a summary of the 2013 plans (including how to enter), a document on 'how it works' and of course, a List of the 2013 scoring events.

Slightly later than planned, here is the final wrap up on the 2012 season from League organiser Kevin Robinson, which includes a few corrections to the final 2012 results, reflected HERE.

If you have any further question on the League, how it works or require further information, contact Kevin directly via: [email protected].

As we all know, it's been a glorious year for triathlon and for many other British sports. We also know that it hasn't exactly been a glorious year for the British weather. Perhaps the weather clerk will be hauled up to answer to a Parliamentary Select Committee. In my view keelhauling might be a more appropriate sanction!

OK, we often hear about how the tough get going when things get difficult, but nobody in their right mind would call serious triathletes, and even duathletes, a bunch of fair-weather wimps, so I suggest that if the bulk of us had opportunities to train abroad in fair weather we could all do better, or at least do something apart from gym work, slogging up and down the local pool, and trying to avoid our boredom threshold on our turbo. Triathlon/Duathlon are generally conceived and performed as outdoor sports, and simulation in indoor environments does help training to some extent, but it certainly has its limitations, as we all know. Perhaps groups of athletes could pay into a club fund over a period of years and then draw their savings in order say, to travel to a big event abroad. Yes, I know a bank would provide this service routinely, but are we quite so ready to trust the banks these days? In recent times they have behaved fraudulently, been very slow to distribute money to businesses, money provided by the government in order to support businesses, and what's more, they have expected the taxpayer to carry the can for their frauds and failures.

Oh dear, but anyway, we persevere, and hope for better times. 2013 will be the UK Triathlon/Duathlon League's 20th year, and I will take this opportunity to express my thanks to all those, participating leaguers, event organizers, administrators, etc., not least John Levison of, who have helped the League in one way or another, especially though times that have not always been easy. Let's hope we can continue to keep things going.

So now, a few remarks on the conclusion of the 2012 League, and then some pointers for 2013.

I think most leaguers will know by now that Black Country Tri are the new and very worthy League Champions, and that they successfully changed places this year with Tri London, Champions in 2011, who finished in second place in 2012, with Derby Tri, who were fifth in 2011, improving to third place in 2012. Black Country were particularly impressive, not just through the performances of their front-running members, Lee Moreton and Mike Anslow, but through their strength-in-depth, which went right through to their senior age-groupers. It is this kind of concerted effort that wins the League Championship, and it is perhaps the best tradition provided by the League.

Another of the League's traditions is that there shall be some errors in the provisional results every year, and once again I have managed to maintain this tradition! This year I got things wrong with regard to the senior age-groupers. In the provisional results (now amended!) I reported that Jeff Mowbray (55-59) and Jon Zigmond (60-64), both of NYP Tri, had won their age-groups. In fact, Keith Bate of Black Country Tri, (55-59), and Chris Pedley, also of Black Country Tri (60-64) had won these respective age-groups. These corrections have been applied, and Keith Bate's and Chris Pedley's scores have been inserted with their scores in the 'Best 3 of any mix' table. Two 'labelling' errors have also been corrected, so that Matthew Knight and Joe Reynolds are no longer listed in the provisional results as members of Black Country Tri but as members of Coventry Tri. Both athletes were registered as belonging to Coventry Tri and scored as such throughout the season, so how were they listed as belonging to Black Country Tri? I really can't say for sure. Gremlins, an interruption of some kind at a crucial moment, being almost cross-eyed with fatigue, or just plain incompetence, quite apart from having to keep up a worthy tradition as aforesaid. Fortunately, there are leaguers who let me know when I have goofed in the provisional's, so that corrections can be made and we always get things right in the end!

Now, to 2013, which will be the 20th year of the UK Triathlon/Duathlon League. First, the number of events available, and the fees will be as they were in 2012. The changes to the requirements of the various competitions that I made for 2012 will also continue. The overall Championships for teams and individuals will be determined on the basis of 'Best 3 events of any mix.' The Endurance Competition will be determined on the basis of best two events with a tariff of 190 points or above. The Duathlon Competition will require three events, but no swim will be required. The Standard/Olympic distance Competition will require three events. Now that these changes from previous practice have been established I shall not, in 2013, publish a list of positions in a table for Best 4 events or Best 2 events as these were not lists which related to a trophy but merely of interest.

There will, however, by one major change which I am making, on an experimental basis in view of the current economic situation. I have noticed, over these recent years, that clubs often have two members who enter and finish a given event. So the two athletes who finish gain individual points, but there are no team points. For this year, therefore, I intend to award team points to a club which finishes two members at a given event. Of course, a club may have many more finishers than this, and they will all earn their individual points, but the two best will score team points for their club. This will mean more team points at events throughout the League season, and it might even help middle-size and small squads to challenge for the Championship. We'll see. If it doesn't work I'll revert to the three for a team score practice, but my feeling is that it will work, and that all the disappointment caused by the absence of a third team member will be avoided. I used (50+ years ago), to ride my bike for one of the top London cycling clubs, and there were often events in which we would have taken the team prize if a third member who was booked to ride, had turned up. We had one particular offender, with a beautiful style who could get good results, but often stayed in bed. I can't remember his name now, but I still haven't forgiven him, and maybe never will! However, should our economic situation improve, we will, as leaguers, be able to chose which route we then take, the old or the new.

Well that's it for the present, or should I say for the old year of 2012, and for the future. I'm currently working hard on the List of Events for 2013. Most of the old favourites will be there, but don't forget that I also apply the occasional use of the principle of 'rotation.' This year (2013), one event that has been listed in each of the previous nineteen years will be given a rest, and there will again be some new events.

Be of good heart, and all the best for 2013.

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