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Sat 2nd Jul 2022
Sponser Introduce Fit & Well Range
Posted by: Press Releases
Posted on: Tuesday 4th December 2012

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Switzerland’s Number 1 sports nutrition brand, Sponser, have added the Fit & Well range of products to their UK offering. The Fit and Well range is designed to address the specific lifestyle needs of athletes above and beyond their nutritional requirements for training and competition. It is the first range of its kind in the UK created specifically for the endurance athlete.

Fit & Well for weight management

Weight and body fat management are key issues for most athletes; increasing power to weight ratio and reducing the total amount of inefficient mass being carried can mean the difference between winning and losing. The first set of Fit & Well products includes CLA Capsules which are designed to reduce the size and number of fat cells, and Lipox Tabs to increase metabolism - increasing BMR and the calories used during the non training parts of the day. In addition, Low Carb Burner is a low calorie thermogenic drink; taken during exercise it will cause the body to generate more heat and in the process burn more calories.

Used on their own, or in combination, these products are designed to work in conjunction with a training regime and to preserve lean muscle mass while encouraging fat metabolism. All are based on the latest research into weight loss and are safe and effective, even during heavy training.

Fit & Well for mineral replenishment

Every athlete knows the burning feeling associated with lactic acid build up in the muscles; what is less widely known is that lactic acid does not always fully dissipate after exercise, which in combination with a modern diet and poor stretching, can lead to an increase in the body's acid levels (sometimes seen as overtraining). Sponser Basic Minerals helps to regulate the body's acid-base balance and also supplies minerals to help muscle building and oxygen transportation around the body.

Magnesium deficiency is very common among athletes, especially women, which can contribute to muscle cramping and reduced muscle performance. Sponser Magnesium Plus is a low calorie drink designed to specifically target this problem. Taken before or during exercise it replaces magnesium lost through sweating and reinforces the immune system.

Sponser Fit & Well

Sponser has been producing top quality drinks, gels and bars for over 20 years and was launched in the UK in 2012 by Everest Sports Ltd. The Fit & Well range joins Sponser’s extensive Energy and Recovery ranges of drinks, bars and gels; all of which set benchmarks for performance and taste in sports nutrition.

The new Fit & Well product range comprises:

CLA Capsules
Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) reduces the number and size of fat cells, encourages fat burning during exercise and reduces fat storage after meals.
200 Capsules / £40.00

Lipox Tabs
Taking advantage of the latest research, Lipox Tabs are a new supplement with proven metabolism activating ingredients to support your weight management. 
120 Tablets / £40.00

Low Carb Burner
An electrolyte rich sports drink with a unique blend of ingredients which encourage fat burning during exercise.
Box of 20 Packets / £22.50

Basic Minerals
Basic Minerals help to regulate the acid-base balance in the body and provides 80-90% of your RDA of key minerals such as calcium, magnesium, zinc and iron.
400g can / £15.00

Magnesium Plus
A low calorie drink which supplies 50 % of your RDA of magnesium, which helps to prevent muscle cramping.
Box of 20 Packets / £12.50