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Wed 22nd Sep 2021
National League Update #4 2012
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 17th October 2012

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Kevin Robinson reports in with his fourth update of the 2012 season from the UK National Triathlon League.

If you have any queries or corrections on the scoring etc, please direct them to: [email protected].

Hello, Leaguers,

In this update I shall offer a brief review of the season as a whole, the changes that came about in the final weeks, and the team table at the end of the season. First of all I must say what a disappointing year 2012 has been as far as the weather was concerned. The weather and the economic situation, between them, took their toll on various triathlon events and a good number of leaguers, as well as non-league triathletes, apparently preferred to compete rather less often. Having said that, it must also be said that the top League clubs, effectively the top four in the League table, did what they could, and the final positions in the League Table reveal what was the tightest finish for some years, with just 28.14 points separating the top three teams, almost in the realms of a photo finish. But winning by half a stride is still winning, and we now once again have new League Champions, who won this year's UK League by their tremendous efforts over the closing weeks. I'm sure that some of you will remember that, after a quieter period in the history of their Club's participation in the League, Black Country Tri burst into the reckoning again last year to finish second in the League Table. Well, this year the Club has gone one place better, and Black Country Tri are once again, as they were years ago in four consecutive seasons, Champions of the League.

In the early months of the season, Black Country Tri gave clear notice of their intentions, beating the Derby Tri team result at the National Duathlon Championships. The difference between the two clubs there was less than five points, so Derby Tri could equally be said to have clearly posted their intentions for 2012. Furthermore, Derby Tri were in action again at the Ashbourne Duathlon, where their respectable score put them ahead of the other League teams. Coventry Tri opened their account at the Swashbuckler event. Ful-on-Tri were also there, but FOT had only two registered members, which was a pity for them because their two registered members scored well, and with a third of that calibre they could have gone to the top of the League. On the same weekend, Swindon Tri, returning to League action after some years, achieved a team score at Lanzarote, but did not then follow this with another League team result for the rest of the season.

Several teams at this point had not yet opened their League account, but three of the London teams got into action at the Crystal Palace Tri, with FOT's main team, and their Ladies' team, both outscoring Tri London. Moving into June it was Derby Tri who produced a good score at the Bala Middle event, and Tri London, who were outstanding at Wimbleball, and then followed this with another team score at Shropshire. Black Country Tri did not compete at the Bala Middle, but were the top League team at Shropshire, and by the end of the month, the positions in the League table had changed. Derby with 1843.100 points after 4 events had been overtaken by League Champions Tri London who, as a result of their score at Shropshire, now had 1911.101 points and led the League. Black Country Tri were in third place with 962.86 from two events, and Coventry Tri in fourth place with 884.654 points also from two events.

However, during July, three League teams achieved team results. NYP opened their account at the Cleveland Steelman, Army Triathlon opened their account at the TriStar Triathlon, and Black Country Tri showed that they were still very much in the Championship title race by scoring 507.801 at the Cowman Middle-Distance Champs to bring their total to 1462.001 from just three events. Tri London and Army Tri both had two registered leaguers who finished at the Cowman but, as far as Tri London's title hopes were concerned, their lack of a third finisher at the event severely damaged their hopes of retaining the League title.

So on the whole, July was relatively quiet, but August, without a doubt, was even quieter (perhaps it was the sizzling heat of the summer that kept most people at home!) with Coventry Tri the only League club to achieve a team score. Coventry made the journey to the Ely Monster middle-distance event, and although their score was not outstanding, it brought their League total to 1603.686 for four events, a total that would leave them secure in fourth place at the end of the season. Not a bad result against top quality opposition. But a summer that was really disappointing meant that the results at the remaining eight events (seven in September plus Carsington in October), would in effect decide the Championship.

Two of these eight were held abroad (Zofingen and Nancy) and although individual leaguers were present there were no team finishes, but there were team finishes at the Bala standard event, the Vitruvian, and the Henley Half. At the Bala standard, Black Country Tri were the only League team in the field, where they scored 459.290 points. With a small correction to their Cowman score of 6.670 this brought their total for the season to 1928.960. The Vitruvian took place the day before the Bala standard and two League teams, Army Tri and Derby Tri, scored there. Derby had six registered finishers there, but although their fastest finishers produced a respectable team score, they were outpaced by Army Tri who scored an excellent total of 508.502 points, bringing their season's total to 980.15 for two events. Subtracting Derby Tri's lowest score of the season (400.00 at the Dambuster Tri) and replacing it with points earned at the Vitruvian left them with 1900.81 points and in third place in the League Table. Tri London had three finishers at the Vitruvian, but one of them was not registered with the League, so there was no team score for the 2011 Champions there. All eyes among League Championship watchers now turned to the Henley Full and Half Ironman events, and to Ironman Wales on 16th September.

There were no League teams at Ironman Wales or at the Henley Ironman. Derby Tri had two highly-placed finishers there, but they lacked a third. Army Tri had two finishers there, but also lacked a registered third. So what happened at the Henley Half? Well, it produced a real surprise, although not one that affected the League title race. The surprise was that Ful-on-Tri had no fewer than ten registered finishers, with their top three in 2nd, 3rd, and 9th position, which earned FOT the highest League score of the season, no less than 549.768 points, which brought FOT's total for the season to 1016.17 from just two events. Scoring like that, FOT could have won the League, so what happened to them? Was it the weather, lack of interest, or lack of team co-ordination? Who knows, but they finished in fifth position overall. But they could undoubtedly have a future in the highest ranks of the UK League if they would put themselves to it. We'll see. But wishes are not cabbages, as I think someone once said, and thanks to their score at the Bala standard, Black Country Tri had won the race for the line. That's how things stayed because there were no League team scores at the New Forest Middle or Nancy, and while Derby Tri finished a team at Carsington, the team score was not high enough to increase the Derby Tri total, and Black Country Tri, as I said above, have become League Champions once again. The final League Table is given below. Individual scores in the various League competitions will appear in the next update.


Black Country Tri
Tri London
Derby Tri
Coventry Tri
Army Tri
Ful-on-Tri Ladies
Swindon Tri

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