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Sun 16th Feb 2020
International roundup: Saturday 8th September
Posted by: John Levison
Posted on: Sunday 9th September 2012

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This weekend there were a number of significant Saturday International races. Here's a quick update from Switzerland, The Netherlands, Lanzarote and Paris (all the way from from London...).

XTERRA Switzerland

The Swiss event based in Prangins hosted the fifth and final European XTERRA Tour Championship event, with 600 athletes attracted to the XTERRA and shorter 'XTERRA Light' event.

The racing was expected to be a close one, and it lived up to expectations. Eventual winners Lebrun (FRA) and Erbenova (CZE) did their best work on the bike, returning to T2 having made up swim deficits to take the lead. Erbenova was relatively comfortable, finishing close on four minutes clear of second placed Lorblanchet (FRA) while Jacqui Slack continued easily her best season ever by taking yet another podium, a week after she did the same at the Gerardmer Olympic Distance.

For Lebrun, he has French-based Brit Asa Shaw and tough Aussie Ben Allen chasing him down. The 2005 World Champion held firm though to take both the Swiss win and secure the XTERRA European Tour 2012 overall title. Graham Wadsworth took 6th (2:25:16)

Pos Men Women
1st Nico Lebrun (FRA) 2:17:44 Helena Erbenova (CZE) 2:38:35
2nd Asa Shaw (GBR) 2:18:12 Marion Lorblanchet (FRA) 2:42.27
3rd Ben Allen (AUS) 2:18:36 Jacqui Slack (GBR) 2:43:54


The final standings for the title of the XTERRA European Tour 2012:

Pos Men Women
1st Nico Lebrun (FRA) Helena Erbenova (CZE)
2nd Asa Shaw (GBR) Jacqui Slack (GBR)
3rd Alexander Haas (GER) Carina Wasle (AUT)
4th Ben Allen (AUS) Maud Golsteyn (NED)
5th Francois Carloni (FRA) Lenka Cibulkova (CZE)

Ocean Lava - Lanzarote

Triathlon legend and former Ironman World Champion Thomas Hellriegel (GER) is still at it, and can still ride like the win. A strong swim-bike combo the key to his victory at Ocean Lava after finishing second last year to Sebastian Kienle.

Ocean Lava Half -RESULTS
Pos Men Women
1st Thomas Hellriegel 4:22:53 Maya Stage Nielsen 4:44:32
2nd David Rodriguez Rodriguez 4:32:12 Eva Bohrer 4:52:39
3rd Gregorio Cáceres Morales 4:33:19 Mareen Hufe 5:01:47
Ocean Lava Quarter -RESULTS
Pos Men Women
1st Omar Delgado Cabrera 2:10:38 Patrizia Diaz Perea 2:21:16
2nd Christian Moya 2:14:06 Deborah Jones 2:40:45
3rd Moisés Gutierrez González 2:21:57 Annalise Moss 2:44:04

Stichting Holland Triathlon - Almere

The Almere iron-distance is one of the long-staning event on the full distance calendar and, on a good day, a very fast one too. This was its 30th edition.

A Dutch sweep of the podium is not expected, but check out the top three men - just one minute ten seconds between first and third. Both Smits (2:38:54) and Vasseur (2:39:54) were credited with rare sub 2:40 ironman marathons. A rare occurrence - but something that Gerrit Schellens (BEL) did manage three times in Almere between 2003 and 2005.

Ladies winer Heleen bij de Vaate came pretty close to recording her second sub-nine hour iron-distance finish, Almere a course at which that has been achieved three time previously. She was forced to work hard for the win too, having to run a 3:01:16 marathon to pass long-time leader Irene Kinnegim, finishing only two and half minutes clear at the end.

Pos Men Women
1st Dirk Wijnalda (NED) 8:09:07 Heleen bij de Vaate (NED) 9:03:58
2nd Roeland Smits (NED) 8:09:57 Irene Kinnegim (NED) 9:06:25
3rd Remy Vasseur (NED) 8:10:17 Carla van Rooijen (NED) 9:18:49


Endoroman Arch 2 Arc

In case you've missed our coverage of the Mark Bayliss attempt on the Arch 2 Arc - he not only did it, he did it non-wetsuit and he set a new world record! Check out the news HERE.

Run (87 miles, Marble Arch to Dover) - 26 hours, 20 minutes, 37 seconds
Waiting for tide/boat - 13:59:23
Swim (English Channel, Dover to France, approx 22 miles) - 11 hours 48 minutes
Transition to bike - 3:22:00
Bike (to Paris, Arc du Triomphe, approx 181 miles) - 18:09:12

TOTAL (start run, end bike inclusive of transition/rest) - 73 hours, 39 minutes 12 seconds

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