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Wed 22nd Sep 2021
National League Update #3 2012
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Friday 31st August 2012

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Kevin Robinson reports in with his third update of the 2012 season from the UK National Triathlon League.

If you have any queries or corrections on the scoring etc, please direct them to: [email protected].

Hello Leaguers,

The Paralympic Games, a real testament to human endeavour in the face of great difficulties, mental as well as physical, will soon be over. Most of us, I think, will have been thrilled, delighted, and heartened by the achievements of our representatives in both the Olympic and the Paralympic Games. But many of us, because of the prevailing economic circumstances, find our own efforts somewhat constrained. These circumstances, combined with the appalling Spring and Summer weather, have been reflected in the reduced numbers at both foreign and domestic events.

Furthermore, by 'events' I don't just mean triathlons or duathlons; recently I went to the Mildenhall Rally, an annual show over three days (public on only two), where you can buy just about anything connected with cycling, although a little out of date, and at well below shop prices. I've been going to the Mildenhall Rally for several years now, and usually, to get to one of the stalls to try on a jersey for example, you have to use elbows and shoulders a little to get through the crowds. Not this year. Even though the weather was good for a change, you could stroll around the stalls without building up lactic acid in your arms and shoulders. I'm not one of those who actually think there's a good side to everything, but...

However, despite the negative aspects of 2012 outlined above, some League clubs have registered team scores. NYP are now present in the League table as a result of their score at the Cleveland Steelman. Some clubs are now no longer as ready to travel as they were, but this hasn't proved to be the case with Tri London, Black Country Tri and Coventry Tri. In my June Update, I reported on Tri London's performance at the Shropshire UK Championships, but failed to include the club's score at Shropshire in the League table, which should have shown that Tri London had overtaken Derby Tri and were in first place. My apologies for that omission; the correct total and placing is shown below.

Since then, is there perhaps something of a revival, not just in athletic but also in economic terms, in the West Midlands, I'm thinking of Black Country Tri and Coventry Tri? Both these clubs were once amongst the most formidable in the League, with Black Country Tri winning the League Championship in four consecutive years before the inspiring leadership of James Cresswell led Derby Tri to their long reign at the head of League affairs. Black Country were then relatively quiet for a few years, but in 2011 suddenly burst into League prominence again and finished in second place in the League table. Now, with the score achieved by Lee Moreton, Neil Millward, and Chris Pedley at the Big Cow Middle Distance UK Championships, Black Country have maintained their third place in the League table and are within striking distance of Derby Tri who are in second behind Tri London.

Quite that degree of improvement has not occurred where Coventry Tri is concerned. In previous years, with the excellent Steve Howes as the driving force, the club was, as I have said, formidable (it sounds better if you say it in French), and it still holds the record for the highest team score in a League-listed event. It is true that this year Coventry Tri is showing some improvement over its League results in recent years, but I feel that the leaguers at Coventry Tri will need to improve their level of organisation in order to achieve better League scores. One example of this is that I'm still waiting for answers to queries that I raised with the club in June, and may have to raise again. The possibility of another team score hangs upon the club's answer, but Coventry Tri is now in fourth place in the League table so I suppose I can't grumble too much. However, perhaps this is where I should now remind clubs that every year The League awards a trophy to each of the top three clubs...

The same problem of organisation also afflicts Army Tri to some extent due to the wide distribution of the club's members. With many results not including club names it isn't difficult to miss team and individual scores, and I've decided to request that Army Tri members who have completed League-listed events send an e-mail to me with the names and their time or position. While there has been some movement from Black Country, Coventry Tri and NYP, Tri London, Derby Tri, Ful-on-Tri, Swindon Tri, and three ladies' teams have not opened or added to their scores in the July and August period. It looks to me as if the combined factors of the economic situation, the weather, and the Olympics, are all partly responsible.

Well, there are still some five weeks left to the 2012 season, and still some great events on the League List. These are: the Leeds Tri; the Doncaster Tri; Zofingen; the Vitruvian; Ironman Wales; Challenege Henley and the Henley Half; the New Forest Middle-Distance Tri; the Nancy Duathlon; the Carsington Duathlon. I'll try to get out another update after the Henley events, and then the final results etc., including the individual winners of the League and its various competitions, sometime in October. So it's not all over yet. But meanwhile, here is the current League table.


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