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Sat 1st Oct 2022
Marc Jenkins: road to London
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Wednesday 18th July 2012

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Last month we brought the 'road to London' update from World Champion and one of the favourites for Olympic gold, Helen Jenkins.

In this piece, Helen's coach and husband Marc Jenkins - an Olympian himself - provides some insights into the preparation for August 4th and why 'Team Jenkins' will be remaining at home in Wales during the big build up to the Olympic Games.

The year so far has been filled with hotels and planes with a few races thrown in to liven things up. In February we headed to Noosa about an hour North of Brisbane to train for a few weeks before the Sydney round of the World Series. It was a good camp and Hel trained well although nothing is ever smooth sailing and she lost a week or so of running after the long travel across the world. None-the-less she was still in great shape which became apparent in Sydney where she raced extremely well and picked up second spot on the podium.

We then headed to the Sates for the second round of the World Series in San Diego. We opted to stay in a town called ‘Cardiff by the Sea'; the name sealed it really, a home from home! Training here was fantastic and Helen loved the place to bits. Like Sydney, nothing is ever smooth sailing and Helen picked up a sore shin and missed a week or so of running once again. That said she had another great performance and won the San Diego WCS leg comfortably! Imagine what she can do without the backlash of travelling...

We headed straight home after the race in San Diego and took a few easy days off before the focusing on the big push towards the Olympics.

It seems since we got home you can't go anywhere without seeing something about the Olympics. We are trying to avoid all the hype and have given up simple things like turning the news on in the morning just to keep it off our minds. We are trying to make life as normal as possible but obviously have the Games in our minds; what we are aiming for and how close it is becoming.

In June it was announced that Helen would be joined by Lucy Hall and Vicky Holland in London. There was a bit of fuss with this selection and apparently a few challenges from other athletes but that always happens and it always fades away quite quickly. We have just got on with our jobs and left the federation to deal with the tricky decisions. I know the other girls in the team are doing the same and with just under three weeks left everyone is getting on with what they need to so they are in the best shape possible come race day.

We have opted to stay at home in Wales during the build up to the Games. We have the team we need here who look after everything for us and if we were to leave then we would not have the support we are used too and this would be a big risk. Helen is training hard and looking forward to three weeks time when she is able to put her foot on the start line and give it everything she has. The weather during this period certainly isn't what you want, but the one positive is come August 4th when the heavens open up then we will be used to the torrential rain that we have almost seen consistently since May.

Every day at the moment is focussed on the goal of August the 4th and apart from swim, bike, run, gym, physio, eat, drink, sleep and the occasional dog walk for Helen there is not a lot going on. August 5th, no matter what happens, I think life will return to normal. Well, normal for us, but I guess everyone's 'normal' is different! Thinking about it, it's probably not normal.

Hope Life is going well for the GE Capital family.

Best wishes to everyone and hope to see you all in London on August 4th to cheer on Helen and the team.

GE Capital have been supporting Marc and Helen Jenkins on their journey to London 2012 for the past three years.

During this time the Jenkins' have instilled the triathlon ethos throughout the business by hosting triathlon masterclass events at local business sites, supporting over 150 employees taking part at the London Triathlon and Hyde Park Olympic test event and giving motivational and insightful talks from 5 to 500 employees.

They have also taken triathlon to a group of underprivileged children from South London, giving them an opportunity to try a sport they wouldn't normally have access to.

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