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Sat 2nd Jul 2022
Review: Recuperat-ion Sport
Posted by: Editor
Posted on: Thursday 5th July 2012

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Is there a more competitive area of the triathlon / endurance sport market than nutrition? On an almost weekly basis we receive new products to the Tri247 office from existing market players, new brands launching in the UK or indeed - as in the case of Sponser (Switzerland) and Recuperat-ion (Spain) for example - successful overseas brands targeting the significant British market.

Over the next few weeks we will be bringing you updates, reviews and more as we drink, eat and chomp our way through our plentiful supplies. Best get out training then... we start here with Recuperat-ion Sport, the sports drink of Spanish brand Recuperat-ion (

Remember to check out our dedicated Nutrition section HERE for nutrition advice, reviews, news and features.

Recuperat-ion Sport

Recuperat-ion products are a regular sight in Spain, sold in all pharmacies within the country

The Recuperat-ion Sport product (note, there are other 'Recuperat-ion' products available) is a powdered, isotonic drink, focussed on re hydration alongside Glucose / Fructose for energy. Our samples were a 20 sachet box - no measuring required here - each sachet to be mixed with 500ml of water.


Each sachet mixes very easily - add it to the water, give it a quick stir and that's it - and the lemon flavour taste is, truly, superb. Now, we're not going to suggest that a 'taste test' alone is the optimal way for you to choose your sports drink of choice, it is reasonable to suggest that you are not going to have much success with a drink you don't enjoy consuming - often in significant quantities over the extended hours of endurance sport.

Our extended use findings have been that it has the right balance between being tasty, but not so strong that you soon get sick of it. A great balance in our eyes. "Smooth and pleasant, but not aggressive" are the marketing words from the brand- but we can't disagree on that score in this instance. Good stuff.


At just 12g of Carbohydrate per 500ml (one sachet) serving (48Kcal, split equally between Glucose and Fructose as the source sugar), the 'energy' side of this drink is relatively low versus the typical 'carb drinks' out there - the primary goal here being the re hydration / electrolyte replacement aspects. Remember though, Hydrate or Die!

In a longer training / racing situation you'll likely be using this alongside additional energy source(s) - gels, bars, chews etc.

The drink doesn't utilise the commonly used maltodextrin in its carbohydrate source (Gatorade is another in the same category) - and as we've come across a few athletes with allergies and reactions to it, Recuperat-ion Sport will offer you another drink option if you are in that situation.

Recuperat-ion Sport is currently available for purchase via their website, though we are advised that they are currently working on trying to improve UK distribution / access via retail outlets. More on that if/when we hear more.

Our 20-sachet sample is priced at €24.95 (approx £21), though with a €14.95 shipping fee for orders under €39.95 in value, you'll really want to either get two boxes (and a reduced €6.95 shipping cost) or alternatively orders of > €89.95 are free. So, stock up or perhaps order with your club mates!




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